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Forward - A Poem - 02/21/13


The challenges come before us, like arrows from the sky.
Landing  left and right, some hit low, some hit high.

We dance our way around them, then tackle the most severe.
Our choices second guessed, but in our hearts most sincere.

Advice all around swirling like big, dark clouds.
Some ominous, thunder clapping, some fast and loud.

Run for cover, seek shelter as we seek to protect.
Listen closely to our hearts, mindful, circumspect.

For the storm will lift tomorrow revealing a clearer day.
We will get up once again, look around, be on our way.

And so it goes with life, we're not promised a smooth sail.
Some days we want to hide, to everyone no avail.

Keep striving for your dream my dearest lover, perfect friend.
This is but a new chapter, no where near the blessed end.

Excitement, happiness, new challenges and open eyes.
We move forward to brighter days, experienced, ever wise.

Love you always Lisa.

Onward & Upward,


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